Yeah, so I just bought a table for my room. This table is the shit. It's desk size, but bar height, and looks oh so classy with my ikea bookcase. I'd post pictures, but my boyfriend has my camera (for craigslisting purposes).

So let's review. Apartment/roommate? Got it on Craigslist. Bed (well, mattress on floor): Craigslist. Desk thing: Craigslist. Fish tank? Craigslist. Friends? Craigslist. Bookcase? ...Ikea.

I'm a craigslist junkie.

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Anonymous said...

oooh, table. i've somehow developed a coffee table obession lately. i bought a simple glass/metal one at ikea, but i wish i had time and money and space for a nice one...tables are so interesting.

jamie : )
(aren't you glad you're not in rcc hell like me?)