well, i woke up feeling a lot better this morning (after one weird night of simultaneously sweating my ass off and freezing my ass off - which subsided after I took off my hoodie and 2 of the 3 blankets and turned my heater off... funny that) but it's still a pain in the ass to try to get out of bed. i don't have any energy and my legs still don't work quite right. it's so bizarre that the flu can affect your whole body like that. still got the cough and the sore throat and the chest pain going on, but i can deal with that now that my entire body doesn't hurt like a motherfucker and i don't have a 102.7 degree fever. And I have soup. And apple juice.

blahhhh, i have so much to take care of this week, and i don't have the energy. i'm thinking about putting off buying the car until i get home - that way i can have my parents help me out with it. buying a car is kind of scary and i've never done it before, so it might be easier to have someone along who can help out. it'll mean i'll have to drive all the way across the country, bleh, but i could handle that.

it's so weird. this is the week before finals. everyone is in panic mode and writing 20 page papers and studying biology and shit. i don't remember when the last time i did school work was. it's like i'm in a completely different universe from everyone else.


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