random thoughts: (i'm blogging a lot today)
i should come up with some sort of sketch that i can make be the background for my title bar.
i found jared's christmas present, if i can win the ebay auction. and i figured out what to give jamie. woohoo! i'm going to paint tomorrow, if i can clear enough room in my room to sit down at the canvas. stupid shit, all filling my room up. and i need to make some phone calls and go look at some cars tomorrow. christmas is coming up faster than you think, a week from today is christmas eve. weird, yo. not that i really care all that much about it, as it's a holiday for a religion that is not mine and embraced by consumerism which disgusts me. but somehow underneath all that i'd like to see that i can find some sort of faith in humans around this time of year. man, i'm sleepy. but you know, the sooner christmas comes, the sooner it'll go, and then it'll be new years, and then it'll be time for me to get my ass out of texas. yay.

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