i think that mellon collie and the infinite sadness may be my favorite musical composition of all time. sure, it's simple, and repetetive, but it's just so soothing, and so beautiful that i can never hear it without stopping to *listen*. it's a tough battle between mellon collie and a couple of debussy pieces, clair de lune probably being at the top, but i think mellon collie takes the cake. plus, it's the intro track to what is arguably the pumpkins' best recording, the album from which came most of their big hits. i mean, thirty-three, tonight, tonight, 1979, bullet with butterfly wings, zero, tales of a scorched earth, beautiful, we only come out at night, porcelina... god damn. what an amazing recording. billy corgan, i may be 8 years late in saying this, but i salute you. this is truly a genius recording.

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