i feel like painting today. the problem is that my room is so full of absolute utter shit that i can't find a spot on the floor to sit and prop a canvas in front of me. so, before i can paint, i must clean. let me tell you, my motivation to clean is a lot lower than my motivation to paint.

in other news, i lost the ebay auction for what would have been an amazing christmas present for jared. :(. oh well... i bet i can find that rare vinyl again next week... or next MILLENIUM... sigh. funny story, i was telling my brother what i was bidding on, and my mom overhears, and she goes, "does jared even OWN a TURNTABLE?" as if him owning some sort of relic from another generation as a turntable would be unheard of. actually, mom, he has two.

i hate nothing more than calling someone i don't know on the phone. it just really, really bothers me. what if they don't want to talk to me? what if they're busy, or in the middle of a meal? i'm trying to convince myself it won't be that bad, and if i don't call people, i'm never going to get a car. siiiigh.

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