the only problem with trance is that the emotions a song conveys are impossible to put down on paper using just words. not that simply quoting the smashing pumpkins, "i promise we'll be perfect/strangers when we meet" does justice to the beauty of the melody, but at least it invokes the right feeling in people who are familiar with the song you're quoting. this is really frustrating when the songs that describe my mood are all trance. now, billy corgan's lyrics are wonderful and amazing poetry in and of themselves, so if someone were not familiar with the song i was quoting, they would at least have some idea of its beauty. however, when i try to quote the chicane song i'm playing over and over, it comes out all wrong, because the meaning isn't hidden between the words, it's in the music.

this one is really powerful to me, not because of its lyrics (which are not applicable and border on cheesy) but because of the melodic background, the gentle but driving beat that suggests looking forward, moving forward, always progressing. and so when i'm listening to trance, i tend to take the vocals as another instrument. the sounds and tones and syllables that the vocals form are not about their meaning in english, but about the feeling they evoke on a higher, euphoric, ethereal level. it's an amazing track.

if there was nothing that i could say
turned your back and you just walked away
leaves me numb inside i think of you
together is all i need
we moved too fast but i had no sign
i would try to turn the hands of time
i looked to you for a reason why
the love we had passed me by
and as the sun would set you would rise
fall from the sky into paradise
is there no light in your heart for me
you've closed your eyes you no longer see
there were no lies between me and you
you said nothing of what you knew
but there was still something in your eyes
left me helpless and paralyzed

-chicane, "no ordinary morning"

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