i feel like such an mp3 bulemic. i go on such downloading binges - i downloaded almost a half a gig between last night and this morning. and now, i'm back under a gig of free space on my hd... it's time to compress. i hate converting from mp3 to wma for only one reason (giving into the Man doesn't particularly bother me) - it messes up the order of my music library. :( anyway, this recent downloading binge includes such mainstream trance favorites like darude, ian van dahl, iio and ATB... in addition to some AK 1200, a little bit of aphrodite, some chicane, some moby...

i really can't tell if liking artists like darude and ian van dahl is like selling out. i mean, they were on trance party for god's sake... and, from time to time, you can even hear them on top 40 stations. but then again, they're doing a huge favor for the masses -getting the sounds of trance and techno out there on the airwaves.

for the record - darude's "feel the beat" tries too hard to recreate the feel of sandstorm. it's a good track but the inclusion of sounds so reminiscent of the melody which makes sandstorm so distinctive almost detracts from feel the beat's own merits.

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