i sat at a red light for record time this afternoon on my way home from work. there had been an accident on 1709 between davis and the new fire station. evidently the accident went into both directions of lanes and took some massive cleanup. i don't think it was too major, but it did a lot to traffic, mostly because one of the cops on the scene parked his camaro facing the light at which i was stopped with his lights flashing. in our town, as in most places, the stoplights have sensors on them that tell them when an emergency vehicle is coming, which switches the light green in that direction and red in every other direction. so the light was stuck in one part of its cycle for about 15 minutes, leaving people trying to go the other 3 directions stranded with no options other than to sit and wait or pull illegal u-turns and get out of the mess.

i wouldn't have been sitting at that light for 15 minutes, the second car in line, stuck next to an 18 wheeler and behind a construction pickup with a ghetto trailer, if shit hadn't gone down at work earlier today. evidently the all-star grill is in trouble with TABC (that's the texas alcoholic beverage commission, a.k.a. the gestapo). i hope, plead, pray that they haven't lost their liquor license, because what is a sports bar without a liquor license? closed. yeah. so i'll find out tomorrow whether or not i still have a job. if not, it's time to formulate a plan b.

my plan b, of course, would involve leaving for california next week and getting a job out there. i'm sure i could crash at the house for the few remaining weeks left before i have to go back to school... i could work a real restaurant job, making $6.75 an hour plus tips (how sweet would that be), and be with my friends.

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