i've realized that i'm incapable of using a computer without at least 4 applications running. i have to have aim (as well as msn messenger), outlook, ie, and windows media player running in order to be able to function. upon every restart, i immediately open these 4 programs and leave them open until i have to reboot my computer, which is usually every 4 or 5 days. i think it's also a sign of my computer/internet addiction that, because it's a relative pain in the ass to open these 4 programs (plus any others i might need), i don't shut my computer down when i leave it, i merely throw it into hibernate. that way when i turn it back on, everything is there, ready and waiting for me. yeah, i'm an addict. hopefully i'll be able to kick the aim habit when i get to school - i think my life would will be more fulfilling without its distractions.

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