i really need to go through the GER's and figure out which ones I need to satisfy and which ones I have covered... and also whether I should rearrange my schedule and get GER's out of the way early on and do major requirements later... blah.

it's hard to believe that summer is actually passing. today there are only 33 days left until I get back. that's really barely over a month. i can deal with that. my time in tx is more than half over now, and my job is half over. what a comforting thought.

only taking 13 units in the fall will be amazing... wind ensemble... ultimate frisbee... PAAness... spending time with tim... working (and making money)... and still finding time to go out... drink coffee... hang out with friends... go to the gym... get to know the people in my dorm... go to the city... the beach... raves...

i just had an empowering thought. fuck aim. fuck it in the ass with a big rubber dick. i don't need some stupid aol program to talk to my friends. email or phones or *gasp* walking over to see someone would work so much better. when i get to school i'm going to stop using it all the time. i'm going to force myself to use the phone or my feet or email. i'm going to have a real relationship with people, not one based on electron impulses on a pane of glass. wow. what a cool thought.

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