what a whacked night. i basically spent it running around visiting different people and doing different things. first was peter's party, which consisted of a rains apartment and lots of people i don't know. but it was strangely cool... he was the first blogger i've met in real life after talking to online, which is kind of cool. had a good time. then was the coho with joel, where we chilled. from there i just randomly wandered branner... so many people i never talk to, so little time. such weirdness.

the painful realization that tonight is all that is left. the odd, completely unexpected conversations with relative strangers that suck you in and leave you changed. the concept of branner as a sort of machine that takes in these rough ideas of people and spits out completely different concepts of humans. no longer will i be able to walk down the hall and talk to random people about random ideas. i truly have come to love these people i live with, each of the 168 other kids, in their own way.

what a long, strange trip it's been, branner... keep it real.

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