well, *bighugeasslongsigh*. it's my last night in sunnyvale. this is depressing; i don' t want to leave this place. everyone here kicks so much ass. and eric, i'm sorry.

today, tim and i took off and went driving. we just left without saying anything to anyone and were gone from 1:30 until 8:15. just drove north.

i stole my first traffic cone today. just opened the window and grabbed it. looks like every other traffic cone in the world but it has "GGB" printed on it (to prove that i stole it from the golden gate bridge). i'm going to leave it here in the house, in tim's room, until i get back at which point i will reclaim my prize.

i really, really wish we'd had tim's camera (it's broken now though) because what we saw today was absolutely gorgeous. the view from the vista point just after the bridge... overlooking the city, watching the fog roll in... the first glimpses of the pacific as we drove up the 1 in marin county. we got off the 101 where the 1 splits off from it in marin and drove up to muir beach. now there's a cool beach. it's way warmer than half moon bay, and also has better sand and some neat rocks. very secluded and calm though. we frolicked in the sand and in the tide pool and on the rocks and a bit in the water. water was the same temperature as at half moon bay though (cold).

there's a little overlook just up the 1 from muir beach, on a little street called "muir beach overlook." it's the most beautiful thing i've ever seen in my life, i think, or close to it.

except that picture was taken by some random guy who goes to cornell and it wasn't today... today was foggier and the ocean was green-greyer... and there were clouds on the horizon. beautiful clouds which ever so slightly obscured the land in the distance and made it seem as if it were another world.

i love california... i'm going to miss it...

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