well, we're all moved in. this house is awesome. right now it's just me, tim and eric living here... trang is at home with her parents and meghan is... also somewhere with her parents, and so is harlen. it's nice though. michelle (harlen's girlfriend) came over and she and i cooked tofu and chicken stir fry for dinner, which actually turned out alright. not wonderful, but definitely edible, and hella cheaper than going out. we went to ranch 99, an asian grocery in cupertino, before dinner... that was really cool. i love asian grocery stores. we bought shitloads of tofu, a 25-lb bag of rice, and various other asian-style things. i have a feeling we're going to be eating with chopsticks more than with forks. not that that bothers me in any way. :)

i've discovered that just looking forward is the best idea right now. if i don't even think about the past and that i'm never going to live in branner again, it can't hurt me.

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