ahh, the end is so near i can smell it. or perhaps that's just the leftover pizza that my roommate threw away and has not taken out yet. either way, just got back from my LAAAAST Ihum section EVER and am getting ready to go to my LAST PWR class ever. this is exciting.

i started packing last night. that's a weird feeling. i mean, i know it's a little early to get shit packed, but i'm hoping to start moving things into the house this weekend (i.e. when allen and joe get their uhaul) so i guess i have an excuse. the hardest part is taking things off the walls. i've already taken down my collection of random-ass concert tickets and other things that were between my shelves and heather's, but all the pictures i've cut out from magazines and everything are going to be harder to take down... they'll rip, and then i'll have to decide whether to throw them away or try to salvage them... and some of them are really cool. i'm excited about roth... it's going to be a sweet room. we'll get it decorated up waaay better than the girls who have it this year... and hopefully the fire escape will be frequented by cute and/or nice boys who want to rescue us from the sheer agony of estrogen overdose.

i need some lemonade.

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