So I got an email from Jessie, the hiring coordinator for The Princeton Review yesterday about dinnertime.

Hi guys,
I did some hard core recruiting for teachers because we were supposed to have a contract go through which would require numerous teachers. Unfortunately, the contract fell through. So, I no longer need summer teachers. We will be having a training in August for those who would like to teach in the fall. If you would like to come to the August session/teach in the fall, please let me know. I'm so sorry :0(

First of all, if my job was banking on a contract coming through, why the fuck was i not notified of this sooner? Why couldn't I have been told that there was a chance that i'd end up with the shaft earlier? Maybe before I'd paid for rent and deposit and food for a month in a house that I'll barely get to live in now? *sigh*

Anyway, after a panicked call to Mom, I've got my summer all figured out.

First: I'm not coming home this weekend. There's really no point. I even got my frequent flier miles reinstated.
Second: Come June 24, I'm heading up to Oregon for a family reunion and Grandparents' 50th anniversary.
Third: Sometime after that week (probably Sunday or such, like the 30th) my brother and I will pile in his car and drive up to Seattle, and up to Vancouver. Then we'll drive across Canada and down through the Midwest to Texas... arriving home sometime in the neighborhood of July 6th or 7th.
Fourth: I'll be home for the rest of July, all of August, and half of September.

I think i'm actually pretty excited about this. The summer will be the best of both worlds - living with my friends for awhile, then road tripping, then bumming around S-town. It'll work out.

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