got up a bit too late this morning. i intended to take three 1.5-hr naps last night, but that of course did not work out and i ended up sleeping between 3 and 10, with one brief 10-minute phase in there in which i attempted to get up and work but really ended up just reorganizing the playlist to which i was sleeping (and eliminating the alien ant farm i had in there in order to get me up. ha. it in actuality did nothing but piss me off.)

revised my paper on blogging... the most recent version is posted here. feel free to read it and leave me comments. it's due at 5pm tonight.

next up is writing my works cited page for that one, and then revising my ihum paper, which is due at 6:30. it would be ideal if i could finish both of these in the next 2.5 hours and go windsurfing, but the odds of that happening are between 0 and .001. *sigh* guess i'll have to wait until next spring to windsurf... oh well.

writing papers sucks. i'm just glad that, within 6 hours, it will all be over with. my last ihum and pwr papers will be turned in. and i'll be "as free as a bird," according to lynrd skynrd.

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