wow... commenters!

ok, this post about bikes has created by far the biggest discussion ever on my blog. thanks for all the advice guys... i think i am just going to go into freerange and see what they can do for me. (after graduation.) (and after john recovers from whooping cough(!).

ps jared and tessa, i saw you on the trail at the 25th crossing last night, brian was driving me home with my new shiny.


waking jonas said...

lol welcome to the world of cyclismo throwaway knowledge. if you ask the right people for advice you will get more than you ask for.

it is funny you saw us riding because we (or at least i) saw you earlier when you were walking to get your imac. we were driving home on 45th and you were at the top of the hill near frat row.

kat said...

it's fate. god loves us, and wants us to be together.

waking jonas said...

god loves situation comedies :D