1) still not done moving. aaaargh. i'm almost done, i promise... just a goodwill/salvation army/dumpster run and maybe 2 things to come to my new place. then i give them the keys and say goodbye to that old place in the u district. and then they give me my deposit back, which i am very much looking forward to.

2) i have found myself involved with a rather elaborate stage production, going on this weekend. my friend john, whom i met in genome informatics this past quarter, is evidently the director of an aerial dance troupe that does "performative mythology". and i have to say, the show is fucking rad. sorry guys, it's sold out (has been for like a month, in fact)... so you'll have to take my word for it. but seriously cool. i'm not contributing in any meaningful way, because i just showed up yesterday, but i am actually able to help occasionally (rather than just get in the way) and i've met a bunch of new cool people. which is always good. they have me working the dressing room during quick changes - handing out costumes, hanging things up, pinning, zipping... cake. plus it gets me into the shows for free (though i had actually already bought a ticket)...

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