quick things.

1. why did i step over horse shit on my way to bartell's this afternoon? really, there was horse crap on the sidewalk on 45th. what gives?

2. moving. i just filled 2 boxes in the span of 10 minutes. that was the easy stuff though... need to go through/get rid of lots of stuff.

3. moving... to capital hill! i'll be just a few blocks off Broadway. sweetness! and for less than i'm paying now! double sweetness!

4. in case you hadn't noticed, tons of new flickr pictures. i ordered a pro account, so expect photographic diarrhea. except awesome, not gross.


waking jonas said...

mounted police?

kat said...

do we have mounties in seattle? i thought they all just rode bikes.

waking jonas said...
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waking jonas said...

didn't post i guess:


kat said...

i would think the cops would clean up after themselves and not leave horse crap on the sidewalk. but maybe i overestimate the SPD.