first night

so i have maybe 1/3 to 1/2 of my stuff up here in the new place, and i'm in for the night. i don't have a bed, so it'll be all camping stylee, but i just kinda wanted to get a feel for the place at night. i left my kitty at the old place, since i haven't moved the bed or the couch yet, and i figured it'd be better to let her be surrounded by familiar things rather than running around all freaked out while i try to move a bed and a couch in here.

things i like about the new place:
1) location, location, location.
2) efficient stylings of a studio.
3) rad 1960's architecture.
4) POOL! heated swimming pool in the basement!
5) tons and tons of closet space.

1) small. tiny-ass kitchen - it's just like SINK STOVE FRIDGE. not much counter space; even less cabinet space.
2) single-paned windows.*
3) ...

*fortunately, the building is heated by boiler, not by electricity, so heating costs won't be sky high in the winter... it might be a bit drafty though.

anyway, back to assembling furniture, and then probably swimming. woohoo!

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