kicking it hipster style

i looked at the most awesome apartment today... i have my fingers totally crossed. trying not to get my hopes up, since there were tons of people looking at it, but i think i might have gotten my application in first.... so i might have a shot. it was this funky, cute little loft studio in old town ballard, in a building from 1902. it's a bit farther out, but by bike it is 20 minutes to the lab, on the trail or flat streets the whole way.

it's a tiny apartment, maybe 400 square feet, but it has super-high ceilings and a loft above more than half the apartment, meaning it has plenty of storage space. exposed brick walls... non-square floorplan (it's a triangular building)... climbing a ladder to get in bed at night... it just felt like home somehow. so i'm hoping he calls in the next day or so. that would make my life so much less stressful right now. and i'd have an awesome apartment. something tells me the kitty would like a loft to prowl.

cross your fingers for me... i have to have this apartment.

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