my sister is listening and singing along to the smashing pumpkins' cover of landslide. i don't know if this is a good thing, or disturbing. i suppose it's good that she has okay taste in music after all, her penchant for the white stripes notwithstanding (please don't assrape me for that, mikeo). and thank GOD it's not the fucking dixie chicks cover of landslide, which makes my ears want to cry, and for which stevie nicks should kick some blond country asses*. i am, of course, still partial to tori's version - i can listen to that song over, and over, and over. i guess i'm just weird like that, 'cause i do that with a lot of songs.

*this doesn't mean i don't respect the dixie chicks - after all, they are ashamed that the president of the US is from texas. amen, sistahs. anyone (especially in the country music industry) that speaks out against george w. fuckwit** deserves my respect. i just don't have to like their music.

**dude. i just used the word fuckwit. i think it's an excellent word, and should be introduced into everyone's vocabulary. fuckwit, and tosser. the british have the best insults ever.

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