what an odd day

here's something weird about me. I reload my own blog compulsively. not to up the counters, because i have a counter block on this computer, but just to see if i've posted anything more to my blog. i expect someone else to update it for me. who knows why. maybe i'm just expecting people to leave me comments. maybe i'm just bored. hmm.

i hate napping in the afternoon. i wake up all disoriented 'n shit. i don't know when it is, or where i am. blah.

today is monday. wednesday, i go home. that'll be hell. I leave campus at about 12:30 in a carful of four sophomores headed for LA (hooray for people who like me and give me rides!!) My flight isn't until 4:05, but due to security regulation shit and travel hell on the day before thanksgiving, i figure it'll be hard to get there too early. because i just looooove hanging out in airports. i bet i can find some shit to do... study japanese, play with my computer, read a book... something. blah.
I get to dallas about 9:30... theoretically. which means that the flight might be in before 10:30, and i might be home by 11. More likely I'll get home in the late hours... ugh. what a day. that's 10 hours of travel time, allowing for the time change... ew. not looking forward to that one. :P

thursday is thanksgiving. friday and saturday i hope to be able to spend some time with my friends from home. sunday night, i fly back. i need to get an answer from mike on whether or not he can pick me up from the airport on sunday night, so i can make plans. not that it's that bad, because getting from the airport is easier. i could just flag down a shuttle or whatever. it'd just be nice to have a familiar face there to pick me up.

it's weird, i'm going to miss my friends here while i'm at home. it seems like this would be the place where i do the missing, but it feels like home now. i live in branner hall. i love branner. i love stanford. i love california. they are my home now.

tonight is the ihum fair, where millions of frosh, sick of their autumn ihum courses, go to pick out a new winter-spring sequence. i'm looking at power and passion, serious laughter, and reason, passion and reality. i've accepted the fact that ihum sucks and that i'm going to have to take an ihum course, so i'm trying to find the least sucky of them all. :P

oh yeah, i aced my japanese vocab quiz this morning. tomorrow, we get our calc midterms back. i don't know how i did, but silvia said she saw the top of the grading sheet of mine and that i aced both the first two questions, which is a good sign. i can't have gotten less than a 40 then.

anyway, jamie's here, so i need to publish and head off to the ihum fair. what fun. weee!

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