So, I think I'm gonna do some archives here. My blog hates the concept of archiving, who knows why... that's why there has been a definite dearth of archives recently. But, I think I can just do it manually by months... they'll be long, but whatever. And i'll put them on my stanford webspace rather than on blogspot. *shrug* eh.

Webmastering is for me the ultimate avoidance mechanism. Whenever I have a shitload to do, I work on my webpage. It's great. Today I have a problem set due in math tomorrow (which i've decided to mostly blow off, due to a 108 on the midterm, and the fact that we get one free hw dropped) and an abstract for my final IHum project due in section tomorrow. It's really bad; I'm finding myself thinking about doing the abstract in the time between math and section tomorrow. I don't think that'll work, Kat... you need to do it today.

Once again, it's ass-cold here. I kind of like it. I bundle up in my happy sweater, my happy hat, my happy gloves, and occasionally even my happy scarf (biking home from FroSoCo this morning, it would have been *really* nice...). Mmm. Lots of happy clothing.

Mmm. Ask me about last night sometime if you want an entertaining story. I don't find it bloggable, because even though this is "kat... uncensored" i have found my home IP address in the stats from time to time... danger, Will Robinson!
With that said, however, I aced my vocab quiz this morning. Just something to think about.

Today is an Enya day. I only have four Enya tracks, though, which kind of upsets me, because I want to listen to more Enya today.

I decorated my desk for the holidays... which involved hanging the cheap glass ornaments on a sprig of plastic greenery that is duct-taped to the shelf above my desk. It's festive. Yay festivity. Merry Yuletide.

Mmmm.... time to make archives. Weeeee!

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