today was big game

so, we big gamed. here's the chronology of events of today:
3:00: I go to bed.
5:30: my alarm goes off. "fuck," i say. then, "Big Game today," i think, and pry myself out of bed, get dressed and presentable, and...
6:00: haul my butt to the Shak. wait around awhile for people to show up (no one makes 6AM ATSes, i should learn this.
6:30: we go out to the stadium to rehearse.
7:00: we rehearse. (walking to the stadium is a pretty big ordeal, especially with late people and stuff.
10:00: rehearsal ends. damn, that was a long rehearsal.
10:15: weee breakfast!!
10:40: go back to my room and awake the sleeping kal student on my futon. he went to high school with heather, so he wasn't totally random, but whatever. talked to him for awhile while i am walking in and out of the room preparing for the game.
11:20: ATS.
11:40: we line up to march to the stadium. weeee.
12:00: we march into the stadium. it's funny. most of the stadium is red and white, but there's this large portion behind the end zone that is largely blue and yellow. cal band performs their all-serious-n-shit pregame show, we perform our goofy pregame show, we play the anthem together.
12:30: game starts. it really wasn't that exciting, even though we didn't win by the margin we expected to. perhaps that's why... we were kind of disappointed. we were actually behind at one point, which REALLY bummed us. we ended up with the win, 35-28, but it wasn't the 60-0 we were hoping for. ah well.
5:00: game ends. weeee.

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