Here are the basics of what went on tonight. There was an electrical
fire in the microwave of one of the rooms in the first floor odd hall.
How exactly it was started is unknown, but a cell phone was put in the
microwave, which was subsequently turned on. We do not know who did
this. Police are investigating the situation, so if you saw anyone you
did not recognize in Branner around 1:00 wandering the halls, please let
a staff member know so we can give any clues we have to the police.
According to the firemen, there is no structural damage to the
building. There are a few important things to be taken from this
situation, not only in Big Game Week, but in general:

1. LOCK YOUR DOORS. Even if you are sleeping. Keep your keys on you at
all times.
2. DO NOT PROP OUTSIDE DOORS. People we don't want coming in will come
in, and this weekend is an especially vulnerable time with so many extra
people on campus.
3. LOCK YOUR BIKES, & LOCK THEM TO SOMETHING. Many have been stolen,
locks have been cut, but don't tempt a thief with an unlocked bike.
4. DO NOT DO ANYTHING RETALIATORY. We don't know who did this, it could
have been anyone, Stanford, Cal, or otherwise. It does not help anyone
to do anything violent, let's take the high road.
5. KEEP THE BRANNER LOVE. We saw a lot of good things tonight with
residents getting together to make sure everything and everyone was
okay. Keep up this attitude of looking out for one another.

That is all for tonight, it's time for bed.
If you have any questions about what went on, feel free to contact a
staff member.

Take care y'all,
Branner Staff

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