chill day. today is a chill day.
i love chill days.
flicks tonight... varsity blues! kicking off big game week with some sexy dawson's creek action. hooray for teenybopper heartthrobs.

i really can't wait until tuesday is over. then it'll all be over. monday i have the japanese vocab quiz, tuesday i have ihum critique, discussion facilitation, and the calc midterm. after that, i'm good to go.
then wednesday is our night in the shak.
and thursday we haven't got a problem set due.
and friday... gaieties! and the branner gaieties prank! i don't know how we're going to beat last year's 6-foot ejaculating penis, but we'll figure something out.
and saturday is Big Game!!! WEEEEEE!

It's too bad Big Game isn't going to even be a game this year... we're gonna wipe the golden bears into the dirt. poor guys haven't won a single game all season. :(

mmmm. big game week. mmm.

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