hells yes.

check out my ride today. oh plus the 11+ i did earlier today when I rode around lake union for the first time ever. i almost hit 40 today.


add in beer, about 20 people, a fire, and the beach at Lincoln Park, and you have yourself a nice time. the .83 kids? they're alright.
and the highlight of the evening, the grand central bread dumpster:


nimble said...

i met them last year, they seemed like a cool bunch of people but the race i went to they weren't very open until we all got drunk. then it was great.
they also always have their rides at inconvenient times or when i'm busy on the weekends, it really sucks. but my schedule is different now so who knows.

kat said...

that wasn't my experience at all, but i can see how a race (and certain races in particular) would be different. and as for the drunk part, well, as one of them explained, they're a drinking club with a cycling problem, so... yeah.

waking jonas said...

drinking club with a cycling problem: totally a ripoff of :)

i miss alki beach rides.

waking jonas said...

ugh. blogger chokes on html tags like nobody's business.


the hash house harriers, the original drinking club!

kat said...

right, because i'm sure they were the FIRST drinking club with a cycling problem.

Just like how Ketchikan is the ONLY little drinking town in Alaska with a fishing problem.

waking jonas said...

they actually were the first established drinking club and coined the phrase "drinking clube with a running problem." the cycling thing became an add-on.

waking jonas said...

*the first established drinking/running club

kat said...

oh right those guys, my uncle runs with them sometimes.

but i bet they weren't the first drinking X with a Y problem.