harry potter

ok, you've had a week, so i'm going to write now about how i felt about the harry potter book.

my initial reaction to finishing was anger and disappointment. i felt cheated by some cheap plot tricks that were just too convenient, and i hated the epilogue.

that said, overall, i guess it's exactly what we should have expected from the end of harry potter. and i did like it, i really did. i ate that book up like candy, finishing it probably 28 hours after i bought it. it was satisfying, since who doesn't love an epic that ends well, but... and I guess I have had these feelings throughout the series... but I thought the end was a little too traditional-values. be a hero, grow up, marry a nice girl and have a flock of children. meh.

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Mike said...

Kat, Kat, Kat... I thought the last book was fabulous. Yeah, some 'convenient' logic here and there (sorting hat at the end, wand ownership), but I don't think I've ever been so happy at the end of a long epic.

A lot of people didn't like the epilogue, but I thought it was nice... a little confusing to get all the names straight, though. Overall I was immensely relieved that nothing really sucked (from my view) =)