great new music

(not even a harry potter related post here. enjoy, those of you who haven't finished the book, and read faster, dammit!)

in our bedroom after the war, stars

i bought this album last night off of itunes on a kind of an impulse. i'd logged onto itunes with the intent of buying the new polyphonic spree, but after listening to a few clips and reading a few reviews, i decided that i was not, in fact, in the mood for that exact album (though i will probably grab it eventually), and clicked, based solely on the name of the album, on this one. i'd heard of the band stars before, maybe even heard a track, enough to know that i liked their stuff, but i'd never really listened.

and now i've had 24 hours straight of listening, and i am in love. it's the best album i've heard since the crane wife, and though it's not quite as literary as the decemberists, or quite as amazingly catchy as the postal service, it comes close on both. and it stands up to repeated (at least up to 5) listenings in close succession, a definite sign of a good album (in my opinion).

best. impulse. album. purchase. EVER.

and now, more long-exposure madness:

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waking jonas said...

you might check out their second album "heart"...elevator love letter is one of my favorite songs of all time.