in which i refer to my cat's bathroom habits

So the Great Kitty Potty Training experiment is fully underway. I've had the citikitty doodad on my toilet for about a week and a half now, and I just took away her regular litter box on Wednesday, leaving her no option but to use the new litter box on the toilet. She's adapting pretty well... no accidents thus far (knock on wood). The only downside is that having litter at the height of the toilet means that she can throw it that much farther when she paws around in it. I think I've swept my bathroom every single day since Wednesday. But, she's using it consistently for both #1 and #2, so hurdle number 1 has been cleared. The next step, which I'm supposed to undertake on Wednesday, is to remove the innermost ring from the doodad so she has a hole to use. The hole gets gradually enlarged until there's just a ring of litter around the edge, and in the process, the cat is supposed to learn to stand on the seat, instead of in the litter, to use the potty. So, in about a month, we should be litter-free and fully toilet trained. I'll keep you posted on how it goes, because I know the internet is just dying to know what my cat's bathroom habits are.

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