the sounds of hell/school starts tomorrow

there's been the sound of someone playing a recorder very poorly floating through our apartment since i woke up at around 8. i'm guessing this is the doing of a third-grader, because i remember last time i was at my aunt and cousins' house, my little cousin zoe had a recorder and played it poorly. it's one of those things that you do in third grade. but why, for the love of god, has this horrid noise been going on for the last two hours??? it's pretty clear that the person playing the recorder knows no more than two notes, three if you count that god awful sound that a recorder makes if you just blow harder. if i were wearing pants, i might go investigate, and possibly throttle the little bastard. alas, i am pantless.

on another note, i think i'm really going to like this whole not-working thing. i didn't get out of bed until 9:30. my class schedule won't allow me to sleep in that late most days, but for one day it was really nice.

speaking of class schedules:

monday: bio 200 lecture, 12:30-1:20
tuesday: soc 212 lecture, 9:30-11:20, bio 200 lecture, 12:30-1:20, near e 210 lecture, 2:30-4:20, swim conditioning, 6:00-7:00
wednesday: bio 200 lab, 9:00-11:50, bio 200 lecture, 12:30-1:20
thursday: soc 212 lecture, 9:30-11:20, near e 210 lecture, 2:30-4:20, swim conditioning, 6:00-7:00
friday: soc 212 quiz, 10:30-11:20, bio 200 lecture, 12:30-11:20, near e 210 quiz, 2:30-3:20

soc 212 is "evolution and revolution: an introduction to comparative social change".
near e 210 is "introduction to islamic civilization".
bio 200 is intro biology. durrr


Brian said...

I did the recorder in the 4th grade.

kat said...

well maybe you didn't suck so bad that way.