fuzzy trees

been awhile. bad blogger.

had a good camping trip this weekend, one in which i got to cuddle with tessa and we saw lots of big trees. no one else would have noticed these big trees if i hadn't pointed them out, see, look there's a big tree. it's helpful to have a biology major along for these kinds of things.

better than big trees, however, were the fuzzy trees.

we went over to the olympic national park, up the elhwa river valley. it's not quite rainforest over there, but we were certainly in a forest, and it did rain a bit. just a bit, one night.

we hiked something like 6 miles on saturday, and boy was that a pain in the ass. we're going to have to get our stamina up before we can do that epic hike i keep talking about. i want to hike up the hoh river valley, all the way up to the glaciers at the base of mount olympus. one day, i want to climb mount olympus. it's only like 8000 feet.

this lake is going away soon. the dam holding it back was built in 1913 and frankly, it looks like it might be time for it to go away. the dam is all cracked and dilapidated-looking. we met an old couple at the lake overlook and they seemed pissed about the idea of taking down the dam. i say, we got a bit overzealous with our whole nature control back when the army corps of engineers was new and mother nature won't put up with our shit forever. so it's better to take down the dam in a controlled way than wait for it to go boom and send huge blocks of concrete down the valley at a hundred miles an hour.

tomorrow is haircut day. stay posted.


the pants said...

those trees are so snuggly looking! i'm jealous.

ps: your soy milk tit-enhancing program is proving quite effective.

James K. said...

Have I ever mentioned how insanely sharp the images your camera takes are? Well then...I just did.