blogging from the starbucks on the ave. funny thing is, within the walls of starbucks, there are 3 available wireless networks, only one of which is starbucks' t-mobile proprietary pay network. so i'm sticking it to the man, and to everyone who thinks you should pay for wi-fi.

just got out of my first sociology section. everyone was really quiet. i hate sections like that, where no one ever says anything... maybe it'll get better as the quarter goes on. there's a girl in there who's a new orleans "displacee" (is that better than refugee?) and we talked for a few minutes about the hurricane and how it caused a diaspora... and the TA said "hundreds, thousands of people... maybe even tens of thousands." try again, blondie, it was hundreds OF thousands.

yeah, my TA in that class is this 5'9 perfectly groomed blonde princeton grad with a ginormous diamond on her left hand. how fucking typical.

bio lecture in an hour... i'll finish my coffee here and then get some teriyaki across the street. mmmm, teriyaki. and then it'll be time for class. whee!


the pants said...

sociology? oh just you wait. there will be soapboxes-a-plenty within a week.

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