avast, ye landlubbers. it be talk like a pirate day. ahoy, yarr, all that good stuff.

so thus begins my last full week of work. classes start next wednesday, the 28th, so i'm calling it quits after this week. well, i'll be coming in on mondays to help out with training and such for a few weeks, but it's not full-time so it doesn't really count.

today at work i laid out my 4 year plan - which turns out to only be a 2 year plan. it seems that i can get all the coursework i need into 7 quarters - so i'll take 10 units next summer, and a full-time load every other quarter - and graduate next winter or spring. well, get my undergrad degree then, as i fully intend to pursue More of the Same and then Pile it Higher and Deeper after i complete my B.S. degree.

edward is obnoxious; i have laundry; i think we're having tortelloni for dinner. not to be confused with tortellini. duh.

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screetus said...

Ironically, I knew someone named Tortellani.
Okay I made that up.