soybeans and boobies

the great thing about saturdays is that i don't have to get dressed until i want to. i just rolled out of bed (remarkably hungover; i didn't think i had THAT much to drink last night! oh well, it was all free (thanks ross/jason!) so i suppose it's all good) and am now eating tofutti for breakfast, wearing nothing but underwear. i love being a grown-up sometimes.

oh, and for the record: tofutti is a perfectly acceptable ice cream substitute. the texture's a little different - smoother, harder - but it's so creamy and yummy and delicious, and it doesn't give me lactose issues. hooray.

incidentally, i've been boosting my soy/tofu intake, because soy products contain phytoestrogens and are supposed to make your boobs bigger. i'm only on day 5 or 6 of this experiment and i can definitely see results. i should market my diet.


Andy said...

You should definitly market the diet. Can't go wrong with bigger boobs.

the pants said...

woah, i am so trying that diet. thanks biology nerd! tofutti is an excellent meal for anytime, in my opinion.

kat said...

let me know how it goes. i need testimonials if i am to market this.

Anonymous said...

here's my testimonial!
i because addicted to chocolate soy milk and ate tofu 1-2 times a day most days sophomore year. my weight was constant, yet my bra size increased two cup sizes.

also, my dad was drinking chocolate soy milk for a while, but stopped because he didn't like what it was doing for his chest.

see, unfortunately you can go wrong when you're petite (let's say they don't make many bras in 32'' for larger cup sizes...).

Anonymous said...

sophomore year of college.
i was well past puberty.

Anonymous said...

I knew your blog would be interesting. But why does the tofu not seem to work for Japanese women who eat it all the time. I would anticipate your answer is 'because they are totally screwed to begin with'.

Becky said...

i'm boosting my soy intake now...hopefully i'll make it to an a cup soon :P how much do you eat on a daily basis? i'm having soy at one meal - either tofu, soymilk, or another soy product (soy yogurt, soy lattes, etc.).