dept. of stupidity

man, i really hate bureaucratic crap. since i didn't get admitted the first time around, i was delayed by a month in signing up for my stupid summer orientation and registration day, and the next available one for my major is on september 7. that's 3 weeks before classes start. so basically, i can't count on getting the classes i want or need, since they're all already full. if i could register now, i could lurk on the registration page, waiting for someone to drop (or get dropped). but now, even if spots in either of the crucial classes i need open up, i still can't register. this really, really makes me mad. i'm probably going to end up taking a whole lot of bullshit fall quarter if i don't have incredible luck.

i just talked to my boss, too. they are really upset that i'm leaving, but they won't let me stay on in the same position part-time. which sucks. they offered me a part-time mailroom position, but to that i say FUCK NO. been there, done that, won't go near that again. hopefully the office of financial aid will come through saying i'm eligible for work-study soon, so i can pursue one of a few work-study jobs that look cool (most of them involve washing glassware and preparing specimens; one of them involves caring for zebrafish. i'm hoping to get that one). unfortunately, work-study jobs are generally 10-15 hours a week and pay about $10 an hour. which means i'd be bringing home somewhere in the neighborhood of $400-500 a month. which is entirely unacceptable unless i get additional financial aid offsetting my housing costs. bleh. so much rides on the anonymous decisions of faceless bureaucraps right now.


Steve said...

That sounds really tough. I hope it works out ok for you.

kat said...

i'm not sure if it's a good thing or not, but i generally have an optimistic outlook that things will work themselves out. and in my experience, most of the time, they do.

steve said...

I agree - I think it is important to stay optimistic but you raise an important issue.

I suppose this is the difference between realistic thinking as
opposed to positive thinking. The latter would be something like 'It's going to be OK on the day' and may inhibit the person preparing for the situation. Realistic thinking would be 'Some things may go wrong on the day, so let's plan for them now and deal with them if they arise'. Realistic thinking would allow a person to stay optimistic as they plan and deal with possible problems. No need for stress.
Just a thought.

jon said...

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have a great day!!