not a lot to write about recently, so i haven't. it's been a boring week. i had a fucking cold this week, it was lame. and i'm still hacking up wads of phlegm. earlier today a phlegmwad shot out of my mouth and landed on the couch. i'm sure you wanted to know that.

meh. still no update from school, except i got my transfer credits evaluated (but not for ger's) and i'm officially a resident it seems. not that there was much question about it, i live here.



screetus said...

I would have liked Robin to have said "holy phlegmwads, Batman!" just once on that old Batman show from the 60's.

Anonymous said...


Ruben said...

Jared told me UW took you. I just wanted to send a massive congradulatory shout your way. :) Also, the brown hair looks rad; though being a model, it's hard for me to imagine what you'd do to look bad. *grin* Miss you kids. :( See you in Dec.