i will post this on craigslist so god help me

kitten for sale. $5.

ok, not much of a kitten, he's about a year old, black, real purty kitty. not too bright, but he loves to play. went fucking psycho tonight and catapulted (ha ha) himself around the house, peeing on the furniture. yes peeing. maybe spraying. whatever it was it was yellow and smelled of cat. i thought at first that it might be an earthquake - shit was rattling, then it turned into thumps, and crashes, and scrapes, and mrrrrroooowwws, until he must have pissed himself dry. he's been real docile ever since, all cuddly, out of breath... but i'm not fooled. my cat has never been more afraid to approach the litterbox, or the couch, or the bedroom. he has her petrified. poor baby.

so if anyone wants a kitty, let us know. you must be a good home, and have plenty of room for him to romp around. another young male cat would be ideal, but no females.

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