this one via metafilter: Takashi Murakami. He's being called the Japanese Andy Warhol. He produces awesome artistic images with a uniquely modern japanese aesthetic

but he also markets the hell out of himself and makes hella bank.

Also, he's the guy who redesigned the Louis Vuitton logo we've all come to know and hate over the last 10 years:

He's inspired more than his share of criticism from the art world - but what truly revolutionary artist doesn't?

Anyway, check out the MeFi links for more reading on Murakami. He's good stuff.


Tiffany S. said...

I am pretty sure he is the same guy who did the very large sculputes of the anime characters like "cowboy with jizz lasso" unofficial name of course. Some of hiw shit is really strange.

kat said...

i think you're right. i remember seeing large anime sculpture things, i didn't see the part about the jizz lasso but somehow it does not surprise me.