So yesterday was Free Scoop Day at Ben and Jerry's. This is an annual event equivalent to the Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca - the Ice Cream Hajj. OK, so not QUITE as important, but close. Anyway, I got there somewhere around 7 and the line was already to the Ann Taylor store.

It took almost an hour for me to get my free ice cream, but it was well worth it. My iPod had enough juice to keep me rockin' out the whole time (yes, even being that weird girl who dances to her headphones at times), which enabled me to tune out the vapid conversations happening around me and absorb myself in people-watching. Jamie, if you're reading this, I saw your fucking clone there - from 4 years ago. This girl looked EXACTLY like an 18 year old Jamie, complete with big backpack, bike helmet, and stainless steel commuter's mug. She was even Jamie's height and looked like she might even be Lebanese. It was kind of creepy, but it made me all nostalgic.

I didn't take a picture of the ice cream I finally got for free, but I got a sugar cone of triple caramel chunk, which is an absolutely awesome flavor. Yum.


lauren said...

hello from metafilter!

nope, i wasn't at ben & jerry's ... i am impressed by your ability to tolerate u-village for that long, especially with that many other people. that place drives me crazy.
ipod helps, though.
and i guess for free ice cream, i might be able to do it.

do you ever go to meetups? i've never been to one.

kat said...

you need to find your imposter and eliminate her, then. ;)

the ipod made it all worthwhile... plus i'm an avid people-watcher, while people annoy me when i'm interacting with them, I find them infinitely fascinating to observe. and there's not much that i won't do for free ice cream.

never been to a meetup, nope... next time there is one i might go though. these things can be interesting.

Andy said...

I was going to go during lunch, but my manager ditched us. So he's going to buy us some ice cream in the future. Yay for ice cream.

Also, after working at an ice cream shop, the appriciation for ice cream is a bit less.

waking jonas said...

oh my god i missed it

and all because i had to move in =(


kat said...

bastards! there's always next year, though...