man, talk about a quarter-life crisis. last night, after watching a fascinating episode of the eyes of nye, bill nye (the science guy)'s new show, it dawned on me that what i've been planning on doing with my life is all wrong.

the episode focused on stem-cell research and therapeutic cloning, a subject that i find infinitely fascinating. so it dawned on me, if i'm so into stem cell research, why the hell am i trying to be an art major? i'm not artistic. i'm not even remotely creative. i have an extremely scientific mind, one that has always grasped cellular and biochem processes ridiculously easily. anytime i see anything talking about women in science, and the challenges they face, i feel inherently guilty for not pursuing that path. the only reason i'd never considered a biology major before was because i was afraid of pre-meds. and i've come to the conclusion: fuck the pre-meds. they should be scared of me, not the other way around. i'll ruin their curve. bwahaha.

so, i'm thinking that i'm going to major in biology, with a concentration on molecular, cellular and developmental bio. i've been reading course descriptions and major requirements, and nothing looks too scary, or too hard. i can do this... it's what makes sense to me. and then, i'll do mad research, and get a killer position with a biotech firm, and make bank. and then i'll buy all that awesome furniture i wanted in the first place.


Anonymous said...

science rocks! you rock! let's say fuck larry summers together!!

kat said...

fuck larry summers! when you get to harvard, if he's still around, you should personally deliver him a message from all women in science, the world over. a kick in the balls.

waking jonas said...

she's blinding me with science

Lauren said...

Bill Nye!

Science Rules... (: