It's hard to believe it's already april. the cherry blossoms are almost gone because it's been rainy and windy for the last week, but today it's bright and sunny. for some unknown reason, my body decided to wake up at 9:30 (oh wait, that was Jared, who started jabbering at the kitties) and I gave up on falling back asleep. i walked up to the honey bear bakery (which is inside the Third Place books on 20th and 65th in Ravenna) for breakfast for Jared and I and obtained a pair of these delicious cinnamon rolls with cream cheese and raspberries on top. Delectable. On the way home I took a shortcut through Ravenna Park, which is absolutely beautiful right after it rains. I don't know why it didn't occur to me to take my camera out and snap a picture. Next time. I need to work on this photography habit.

After that wonderful breakfast, Jared and I took the bus up to the Ave and visited american apparel. this store seriously kicks ass. they have just about any article of clothing imaginable, in a really soft cotton knit, in seventeen different colors. pink, yellow, red, lavendar, teal, turquoise, blue, black, brown, gray. t-shirts, long-sleeve tees, tanks, skirts, exercise clothes, legwarmers, scarves. it's like this great big house of basics, that you can layer on to be bright and cheerful. and it's all 100% sweatshop free, made in downtown LA. the workers all get full benefits and the best wages in the industry. they even have an organic cotton line and are working on integrating the organic line into the rest of their clothes. it's so fuckin socially conscious, it's great. so i am comfy and guilt free! plus their shirts just look hot on me.

i'm hungry.

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