Ruben, in response to a comment you wrote on an earlier entry, but i think this justifies its own:

I don't believe anything I'm reading about polls or projections. The media can guess all it feels like who'll win Pennsylvania, but I think we can see the answer to the swing states, nay, all the states, between the lines of this article. [article] The sheer numbers of new voter registrations are ridiculous. Hundreds of thousands of new votes have come in in the last year... in almost every state. And only about 30% (if I remember correctly) of these registrations identified a party. So the other 70% of the new registered voters, accounting for FAR more votes than Gore lost more than one state by in 2000, are "up in the air" according to pollsters... what we don't know is how many of these votes are young people or poor people. Seems to me like the rich and the old were already registered, most likely. People are coming out of the woodwork of the left wing, young people, poor people, and even *gasp* black people are going to vote this time around.

If the election goes off without a major hitch, I'm predicting a 60-40% victory. Goddammit, I better not have jinxed us.

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Anonymous said...

I really want to believe! I'm not giving up. I'm just scared as hell... yah know? 4 years was bad enough. I really feel like America is in a depression... and not just a financial one. I hope a different president will fix that. It's good to have a few optimistic friends ;)