It's cold. It's finally cold! A week away from November and I finally have to wear a hat to the bus stop. Hooray!!! Today's high was just about 50... but it's going to get warmer later this week, which I guess is okay, but I'd rather it stayed cold. Cold and not rainy. It's a wonderful feeling, having to bundle up to go outside... but it considerably cuts down on trips to the grocery store. I blame the weather for the 10 pounds, and counting, I've lost since leaving school. Yeah. Maybe I should market my new diet to the stupid and fat among us. It'll be called the "It's called walking more and eating less, stupid!" diet.

Frida is pretty lovey today, following me around the house and purring (as opposed to following me around the house and meowing, which means "feed me, you cruel human! i'm starving*!") I guess she still hasn't forgiven me for leaving her here alone all weekend. Poor kitty. Maybe if she'd learn to get along with Maxwell (and not pee on Jared's bed) then she'd have more priveleges. We'll work on this.

*footnote: my kitty is not starving. indeed, she is quite the opposite, as she has put on a couple ounces over the past few weeks by eating kitten food. stupid fat-kitty, kitten food is for GROWING KITTENS, not FAT ADULT CATS. That's her new name, fat-kitty.


Anonymous said...

U loose weight in the winter? I always put on 10 lbs, lol. For me, the best weather for weight loss is really hot and humid tropical weather. I never want to eat when I'm sweating under a blaring sun.

Anonymous said...

oops. last post was the mysterious rformer :)