Dear Mr. "President":

I am writing to you to express my utter, absolute disappointment in what you have done with this country over the past 4 years. I remember Election Night 2000, and the chaos of the following weeks, culminating in a supreme court decision naming you President of the United States after losing the popular vote but winning Florida, and the Electorate, by just 537 votes. I remember the disappointment, the anger, and the confusion I felt after that - I was just 17, and I had absolute trust in the American system. Your "election" shattered that. From that point forward, I trusted nothing you said or did, and I still don't.

Who knows what you spent the first 8 months of your presidency doing. All I know is that you spent it ignoring the needs of the American people, as well as ignoring your own intelligence agencies. No one liked you much back then, but they didn't really care.

Then came September 11. Shocked, shattered, disbelieving, and absolutely petrified, the nation turned to you to lead us through. And while most people would agree that you did an okay job of it in the first few months, honestly, you never regained MY trust through that time. And I clearly remember thinking that you would attack Iraq for this, even when it wasn't their doing.

But they trusted you, Mr. President. Maybe they had no other option, but they trusted you, and you spoiled that trust. You promised to rid the world of terror, and Osama bin Laden is missing, Iraq is an absolute fucking mess (with over 100,000 civilians dead, they're saying) and there's no way out. And we only invaded Iraq because you were so fucking obsessed with cleaning up your Daddy's old laundry, not because there were any WMD's, or because Saddam was financing terrorism. If you want to find terrorism-financing, look to the Saudis, and to Bush's oil cronies. Just a thought.

Anyway, Mr. President (and I hope I can only call you that for a little while longer), fuck you. Fuck you and your carelessness and your ignorance and your hatred. I hope you rot in hell. If you get re-elected, this country will end up in civil war. I hope you die a lonely, hollow, regret-filled little man with no one who loves you.


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