who's the new roth RCC? that's right. it's me. i'm so excited about it... yay... i'm a part of the house management staff, and an employee of residential computing. score.

i think art will be less frightening than i thought. today we had our first presentation of works. mine was actually about above average as far as quality goes. the teacher didn't rip into it too much, either - the only negative comment he made about it was that it was almost saccharine. but that it conveyed the emotion i was going for pretty well. i'm actually becoming re-excited about that class - it seems a lot less intimidating now. a lot of the works brought in were not nearly as cool as ideas i have in my head for the same assignments.

and now... i'm going clubbing, 'cause it's junior night at the Icon in palo alto, and though i'm not a junior, i can try damn hard to be one. and all the friends i'm going with are. and actually if you get technical about it (i.e. juniors being people who have 90 units) i am a junior. so there. (:

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