wow, once again a long hiatus. i need to get more regular about this whole blogging thing. i guess i'm just so busy living my life that i don't have time to write about it as much. i really hate the idea of killing my blog, or discontinuing it, or anything, but i'm obviously not as regular of a poster as i used to be... blah. i've been coding a lot, studying some, drinking a lot of tea, and spending a lot of time outside my dorm. i love life, right now. it's wonderful.

today i decided to pick up another minor: cs. that's right. computer science minor. which makes most of my quarters from here on out 16 units or more, but that's still livable... i felt like a slacker with 13-unit quarters from here on out, so i'd been going through the bulletin thinking about what else (besides japanese) i could minor in. CS seemed like the most practical. I mean, it'll be a lot of work, but it seems that a CS minor will help me get a job if I can't get one in PD, or help me be more marketable in PD. *shrug* maybe i just enjoy coding. anyway, i think it's a positive decision, even though it's gonna be an assload of work.

last night was synergy's annual halloween party, which is always a lot of fun. lots of people, totally interesting costumes, blacklight-sensitive face paint, yummy food... it was a good night. there was a rumor flying that last year the brownies at the party had been "special" brownies, but no such luck this year. :P

tonight: coding. yay coding.

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