man, art is going to be scary. what's more, i have an idea for my first project, but it banks on me being able to go to the beach. i would have gone this weekend but i got sick yesterday :( so hopefully i can go on wednesday. which doesn't leave me much time to finish the project... hm. i guess i'll have to postpone that project until next week, and finish a different one for thursday. this art class is so insane - we have a list of 20 projects, of which we have to finish 15 before the quarter is done. which means we're basically turning in one every class. yikes. i should like, start 3 or 4 of them this week, have one done thursday, one tuesday, etc. argh, i'm gonna have to get to the art store, like, today. which sucks because i have a class from 2:15 to 3:05, and before that i have to eat lunch and watch my 106a lecture, and then at 6:30 i have a pres scholars gig to go to, which says it's a "dessert reception" which means fuck, i'll have to eat dinner before then. oh, and i'm expected to look nice for it too. yeesh. though a trip to university art shouldn't take more than an hour, so if i can convince tim to take me right after my japanese class i should be good to go. man.

i'm so glad i'm not taking more classes - i'd be swamped.

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