something really random about myself: i used to have the ingredients to my shampoo memorized. the shampoo bottle was just about at eye level in my shower at home - it was in a hanging caddy beneath the shower head. so while i was washing myself, there was nothing to look at except the ingredients and other tidbits on the label of the shampoo. i found myself, at a very young age, memorizing how to pronounce that long chemical name that's in every shampoo on the market - methylchloroisothiazolinone, and its slightly shorter cousin, methylisothiazolinone. what the hell these organic molecules are, i have no idea, but i used to repeat their names to myself to the tune of this song I used to play on the piano entitled "Knight Rupert" (why can't i remember who it was by???). god, i was a weird kid. anyway, i've noticed lately that i haven't got reading material in the shower - my shampoo is down by my feet rather than on a rack at eye level, and thus my brain is left to its own devices, devoid of any inspiration, while i'm showering. i feel as though my brain is going completely unused during this period of time - an entire 20 minutes of unused gigaflops or whatever. i wish that assigned reading for classes were printed on the shampoo bottle. i'd get more of it done.

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